Million dollar ideas start with a simple conversation. An idea. A spark.

What I do, away from the technical side of this line of work, is unleash that spark in other people. In an age when people are so often hidden behind screens, my favorite way to motivate people is by speaking to them.

Sometimes that speaking is through podcasting, which I love, whereas other times I make appearances and speak directly to groups big or small.

I’ve been a guest speaker for marketing classes around Wisconsin including stints at Waukesha County Technical College and the University of Wisconsin. I’ve been invited to chambers of commerce to talk about how the world of marketing has changed.

And let me tell you, it has changed.

I’ve seen it happen. It’s still happening.

I’ve watched as the world changed from the corporate ladder, from the small business’ perspective and everything in between. With my background in business I’ve worked with a wide array of people in an even wider array of circumstances.

When it comes to business of any size I APP-reciate every opportunity to speak to the community because I come away with a deeper understanding of what my clientele needs and wants from the world of technology.